Growth Engines

Superior grow light solutions supported by an expert team of plant biologists and lighting experts to help you grow your agriculture business.

The Only Grow Lights Designed by Nature

At BIOS, we start with a complete understanding of the plant’s biological needs and work backward. Through this biology first approach, we are able to develop lighting solutions that help plants flower better and yield more while also reducing energy usage and increasing overall ROI.

The only true industrial-grade grow lights, BIOS Agriculture Lighting Solutions are:

Fully assembled
IP65 Wet-rated
Plug and play configuration
Simple to clean in place
The perfect light spectrum


We are a team of physicists, biologists, engineers, designers and business leaders with more than 50 years of collective experience in lighting technology. We are dreamers and doers with a single vision: A new way to light the world rooted in nature’s greatest innovation—life. We are passionate about developing lighting solutions that complement the innate functionality of human and plant life through a biology-first approach.