The Evolution of Crop Production

Over thousands of years, humans learned how to efficiently domesticate plants by mass producing crops in fields and breeding them for certain characteristics using sun, soil and water. Today, we use the same formula to grow plants indoors. Indoor growing environments offer a variety of benefits— faster plant production and less use of land, water and nutrients, to name a few. But indoor growing offers its own challenges— increased electricity usage, light emission that is not always photosynthetically ideal, and learning methods to optimize complex parameter interactions. BIOS builds lighting solutions to meet these challenges.

Grow Light Solutions

BIOS Icarus® line of grow lights are available for open beds, vertical farming, greenhouse supplemental lighting and custom systems and installations.

Fully assembled and Industrial grade
IP65 Wet-rated
Plug and play configuration
Simple to clean in place
The perfect light spectrum


BIOS’ innovative grow light solutions are supported by our expert team to help your plants and your business thrive.

Optimized LED Grow Efficiency

Before BIOS revolutionized LED lighting for indoor farming, the industry endured several false starts of applying LED technology. Wild claims, magic spectrums and poor service by many LED grow light manufacturers created confusion and frustration with growers looking for a better solution than the inefficient and toxic conventional HID lighting. BIOS plant scientists spent years researching the effects of light wavelength and other growth parameters on crop production. Our goal was to create a fixture that was efficient, non-toxic and reliable enough for outer space. BIOS LED lighting provides the plant-specific, effective, safe light required for efficient crop production in a durable form-factor that growers need for success.

Customized Facility Layout

Leave the planning to us. Our Lighting specialists have worked with hundreds of growers and facilities and know how to optimize lighting applications for success. We will prepare lighting layouts dependent on your crops, facilities and business needs.

Plant-Researched Spectrum

Spectrum matters. Many agricultural LED lighting systems are based on irrelevant performance metrics. Let us show you how our products deliver on an optimized spectrum for both plant growth and PAR photon efficacy leading to superior results.

Operational Support and

We don’t just walk away after the sale. As scientists and engineers, we want to know and observe as much as you are willing to share. We are fully dedicated to supporting LED integration and optimizing your system long after the lights go on. This continual support and observation are how we improve and innovate our products and continue to provide the most up-to-date support.