BIOS is leading the way for legal cannabis with lighting solutions designed to help the industry evolve from small, private grows to large-scale industrial operations.

Maximize yields
Improve flower quality
Optimize precision
Save money
Easily scale


Finally, a clear solution for professional cannabis growers. With innovative construction built specifically for industrial application, BIOS lighting solutions improve efficiency, save costs—and make it simple to scale up your operation. The BIOS team also offers unmatched expertise in grow room lighting design and will help you develop a custom grow room layout to optimize your crop production.

Proven Results

Through thoughtful design and engineering, BIOS LED lighting consistently shows improvement in cannabis crop yields and quality when compared to legacy lighting. Studies conducted in professional growing facilities have shown a significant reduction in energy use and in many cases a substantial increase in yield.

BIOS Cannabis Grow Lights
Shallow tray, Growth Chamber, Vertical Farming
Greenhouse and Top Lighting
Indoor, Open-Bed Crop Production

True Industrial Grade

There are plenty of lighting options on the market, but none combine the industrial grade quality, energy efficiency, increased crop yield and affordability that BIOS provides. BIOS lighting fixtures are solid state with no moving parts, meaning fewer things that can break down or wear out. They are designed to be tough, durable, and easily maintained for long lasting results.

Increase Crop Yields

Cannabis is a fast-growing crop that takes about eight weeks to go from vegetation plants to harvest. Customers regularly tell us their crops flower faster and reach harvesting stage one week earlier than when using HPS lights. Even modest improvements in yield every eight weeks can make a huge difference to your bottom line in this competitive field.

Save Energy

Growing cannabis is energy intensive. Some sources claim that a typical grow room has the same power density as a data center – about 200 watts per square foot. As the cannabis industry grows, the energy demands will only increase. BIOS lighting solutions deliver huge cost savings, allowing you to produce cannabis crops at half the cost.

Measurable Results

BIOS has conducted scientific studies with previous generations of our products in partnership with leading cannabis producers and universities to verify BIOS lighting impact on plant growth and crop yield. As we continue to develop new products, we will continue to work closely with industry leaders, labs and researchers.

No Purple Haze

Many LEDs on the market are advertised as Cannabis “grow lights,” but produce a purple light that is terrible for human vision, making it much harder to monitor the health of plants or spot mold or pest problems. Purple light has also been shown to cause headaches and eye strain. BIOS lighting provides a broad spectrum (white) light that is ideal for plants and doesn’t negatively affect human vision.

Faster ROI

BIOS LED lighting products have a long operational lifespan that helps speed up ROI. An investment in BIOS lighting will typically pay for itself in eight months through reducing energy demands and increasing crop yield. BIOS fixtures also cost less than most competitors’ fixtures, saving cannabis growers up-front costs.