Lighting Equations and a Case for Broad Spectrum for the Indoor Farmer

by devadmin | May 11, 2019

In this article we share information that growers can use to determine lighting needs and ROI for different lighting systems. This article is based on a recent podcast by Tad Hussey, with BIOS Lighting’s Rebecca Knight as the guest.…

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Meet BIOS and Industry Experts Next Week at CCC in Portland, Oregon!

by devadmin | January 15, 2019

Join us at Booth #806 next week at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) – January 23-24th at the Portland Expo Center! Stop by, let’s talk science! Watch our Post-show Video from 2018 Below! New Icarus® Products On display will be…

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The Largest Industry Event to Date – MJBizCon 2018

by devadmin | November 29, 2018

At the recent MJBizCon in Las Vegas, the BIOS Lighting Agriculture Division showcased a virtual reality grow room and introduced new fixtures to the Icarus® Product Line of durable, commercial-grade, next generation horticultural LED Lighting.  Watch our Post-show Video…

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The Newest Technology In Lighting Your Commercial Grow – USCC Expo Miami

by devadmin | September 5, 2018

At a recent Cannabis Expo, Eric Thosteson joined three other lighting experts to discuss the importance of sensor control networks, power re-distribution, and edge devices in next generation LED Lighting design and technology. New Lighting Technology The 2018 U.S.…

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Introducing the Icarus Ti!

by devadmin | July 25, 2018

It’s arrived…get a sneak peak of the NEW Icarus™ Ti…!! See the new Icarus Ti LED Grow Light in person Stop by Booth #402 this week as BIOS Lighting joins friends Urban-gro at the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Cannabis…

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BIOS Lighting – Dimming Control

by devadmin | May 30, 2018

When it comes to dimming control systems, our engineers know the importance of quality components and device adaptability. Dimming All BIOS Icarus Horticultural LED fixtures come with two dimming control wires, which are accessible.  (Please refer to the table at…

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